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Munch Madness in Food Science Classes

WHS Food Science Class Hosts Sustainable Taco Competition

Recently, students in the Food Science class at the high school took on a delicious challenge: creating sustainable taco recipes using alternatives to beef that met minimum nutrition benchmarks. The students were also tasked with taking visually appealing photos of their creations, thanks to a talk given by former in-house food stylist for Stonewall Kitchen, Suzanne Lee.

The competition, dubbed "Munch Madness," involved staff and students voting on the photos and descriptions of the tacos. Ultimately, Emily Confoey, Maddy Hack, Sienna Horn, and Pranali Pendhari were crowned the winners for their taco recipe, "The Hulk." The dish featured seasoned lentils, mango and jalapeno salsa, and purple corn tortillas dyed with beet juice.

We are proud of our students for embracing sustainable practices in the culinary arts, and we hope that this competition encourages them to continue thinking creatively about ways they can reduce their environmental impact. Congratulations to all of the students who participated, and a special congratulations to our winning team!

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