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Anatomy Students Go Back to Preschool

With the seniors already graduated, the juniors remaining in the elective Anatomy & Physiology took on new leadership roles. Caroline Hall, Grace Hebard, Angelica Ioakimides, Ava Maund, Ari Strulik, and Gracee Tibert decided to teach a lesson to students at the Integrated Preschool. The students brainstormed lesson ideas and settled on teaching the preschoolers how we hear sounds using waves. All of the juniors are concurrently enrolled in Physics so this seemed like the perfect intersection of both of their science classes. The juniors used a guitar, slinkies, tuning forks, and an air cannon to help the preschoolers learn about waves and sound. The preschoolers were ecstatic to see the “big kids” come to their class. They asked great questions, participated in all the hands-on demos, and learned through play! Thank you Preschool for welcoming the high school students!

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