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Conceptual Biology


AP Biology 

Conceptual Chemistry


AP Chemistry

Conceptual Physics


AP Physics 1 

AP Physics 2 


Engineering Design

Computer Science Principles

AP Computer Science

Programming & Coding

Anatomy and Physiology

Environmental Science & Ecology

Marine Biology


Science education can be thought of as having two components. One is the process of hypothesizing, experimenting, and validation used in the discovery of scientific knowledge. The second component is the acquisition of the body of knowledge that has been realized through the scientific method. These two components are presented in an integrated manner so that students will develop an understanding and appreciation of the scientific knowledge realized to date as well as a facility for the analytical and critical thinking skills in the scientific process.


Technology is the application of science providing solutions to problems or creating products that benefit society. Students develop an increased awareness of the modern tools of technology through a variety of settings including hands-on activities.


Students should be aware that since many quantitative methods are required in problem-solving, many science courses have math or other prerequisites, which must be observed in the course selection process. Students considering these courses should weigh carefully the requirements and prerequisites set forth for each course. Please carefully review the prerequisites for advanced science courses such as AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics 1 and 2, as they are especially important for success in those courses.


A recommendation from a student’s current science teacher is required as part of the registration for science courses.


Beginning with the class of 2010, students must achieve a passing grade on an MCAS science exam as a graduation prerequisite. In order to assist individual students in meeting this goal, departmental efforts are focused on preparing them to pass the biology exam in either 9th or 10th grade.


Each course in Westwood High School’s Science Program addresses Westwood High School’s School-wide

Academic Expectations for students to:



1. Read effectively

2. Communicate effectively

3. Define, analyze, and solve problems

4. Access and interpret information from a variety of sources

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