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Chemistry Courses

CHEMISTRY 6 per cycle – 6 credits

4031 Sophomore Year

Prerequisite: B or better in Algebra level 1 and Geometry 2021 or instructor’s recommendation.


This course is designed for the college-bound student seeking a thorough understanding of introductory chemical principles. Such a student must have demonstrated a strong ability and interest in science and mathematics. Substantial independent work is expected. The course will develop the modern atomic and kinetic theories to explain properties of elements and compounds, the three states of matter and chemical reactions. Selected topics to be studied are gases, the mole concept, atomic structure, chemical bonding, principles of chemical reactions, molecular structure, acids and bases, and descriptive chemistry.


CHEMISTRY 6 per cycle – 6 credits

4032 Sophomore Year

Prerequisite: C+ or better in Algebra (2011/2012) and concurrently enrolled in Algebra II or Geometry.


This course is primarily intended for the college-bound student who may not plan to major in the field of chemistry. The curriculum uses modeling instruction, which emphasizes active student construction of conceptual and mathematical models. Major topics covered include the SI system of measurement, the chemical and physical properties of the elements including periodicity, chemical reactions, and basic stoichiometry. The characteristics and behavior of acids and bases, solutions, liquids, and gases will also be discussed.


CHEMISTRY 6 per cycle – 6 credits

4033 Sophomore Year

Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of Algebra.


This course offers a survey of basic chemistry principles. It meets the laboratory science and chemistry requirements for students entering college. Topics covered are: history of chemistry, periodic nature of matter, elementary chemical calculations, chemical and physical properties, nuclear reactions, the world in which we live and the applications of chemistry in everyday life.


AP CHEMISTRY 7 per cycle – 6 credits

4241 Sophomore – Senior Year Prerequisite (Grade 10): Enrollment is by science chair invitation only for sophomores. (Grade 11-12): B or better in Honors Chemistry 4031. 


This course is comparable to a first year college chemistry course offered at many colleges and universities for students aspiring for careers in science, medicine, or engineering. Students receiving a passing grade on the AP Chemistry Exam may receive college credit or a course waiver in Chemistry. The course provides a systematic study of the structure of matter, chemical bonding, states of matter, chemical reactions, thermodynamics, and descriptive chemistry. Laboratory investigations are designed to complement classroom work. 

Juniors or seniors may take the course after having taken L1 or L2 chemistry along with a teacher recommendation and science department chair's permission.  After quantitative and qualitative analysis of progress within the curriculum and social-emotional wellbeing, sophomores are not permitted to override into this course.   

It is expected that students enrolled in this course will take the AP exam.

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