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Shawn Mullins

Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, & Biology

Mr. Shawn Mullins

Current Courses: Chemistry L1, Biology L2/3
Mr. Mullins started teaching chemistry and biology for Westwood High School in 2022.  In the same year, he designed an accelerated summer chemistry curriculum for BC High School which focused on inquiry-based learning models.

Previously, Mr. Mullins worked as a physical therapist assistant for Falmouth Physical Therapy and Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy on Cape Cod.  He was involved with designing treatments for patients of varied conditions and assisted orthopedic doctors with the creation of treatment protocols. 

Mr. Mullins has a varied background that he loves to share with his students.  He also hopes to bring opportunities for students to participate in citizen-based science projects in the near future.  He believes that learning is an active process where students need to be involved in the art of discovery.  


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