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Guests, Animals, Safety

AP biology hosted guest speaker Dr. John Doench, Associate Director of Genetic Perturbation Platform at the Broad Institute. Dr. Doench provided the students an overview of the discovery of CRISPR, its mechanisms of action, and how it is used in research. He was able to relate CRISPR research through various projects he has worked using GWAS (genome-wide association studies). The talk was both informative and engaging. Students were particularly interested in the GATTACAN discussion of “designer babies” especially after recent developments from Dr. He Jiankui’s lab in China.

The Environmental Science class posted a covert camera in the woods behind school to observe local animal life. They captured pictures of deer, raccoons, foxes, and other animals.

Physics students used their knowledge of kinematic equations to work by designing ad campaigns to promote safe driving. Students were asked to choose a particular behavior and find a way to convince their target audience to be safe. Dangerous behaviors included texting and driving, driving under the influence, and speeding. Students put together websites, built billboards and pamphlets, and even screen-printed t-shirts to get their message across.

Brandon Kalamvokis (‘19) demonstrated his passion for helping our community stay safe using the Roadway Safety website that he built. He highlighted several of the projects that he’s already taken on, explained the physics behind safe driving, and created a forum to encourage the public to spot their own safety concerns.

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